Terms & Conditions

Privacy Policy in English Please read the privacy policy of the Ninety Days application on this page, and if you do not agree to any of the terms of this policy, then you should not use the Ninety Days application. Your use of the Ninety Days application implies your acceptance of all terms and conditions in the privacy policy. Personal information: The Ninety Days application collects personal information for the user by registering it with the application, during the communication of the Ninety Days team with the customer, and when conducting a questionnaire about the service after its implementation, and through various social networks, and the application may collect other information about the customer from new methods that may be done in the future .. Non-personal information: The Ninety Days application collects comprehensive non-personal information about users, specifying their whereabouts, devices used, ages and gender, and other information that the application management needs to be able to analyze performance and make appropriate decisions for you for several purposes: Improving the customer experience The information that we collect helps us to improve the customer experience in the next versions of development, to achieve the highest levels of ease and comfort while using the application. When making any update to the application, we are based on the information we have collected from previous clients of the Ninety Days app The information enables us to measure customer satisfaction with the Ninety Days application services, and thus provide higher levels of service in future developments. Information Security : Ninety Days is committed to providing the highest levels of security for the personal information disclosed by the customer, by not disclosing it to any other party without the consent of the customer. Share information: Ninety Days app does not share personal information of any customer. We only share general statistics related to the size of the market, its sectors and customer segments. Change of privacy policy: In the Ninety Days app, we constantly update the privacy policy, so we urge our customers to follow up on updates to the privacy policy on an ongoing basis. Agree to the Privacy Policy and Terms: By using the Ninety Days app, you agree to all the terms of the Ninety Days apps privacy policy. It also means your agreement to any update that we do in the privacy policy. If you do not agree to any of the terms of the privacy policy, then he must not use the application